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An expensive judgment is the last thing you want to worry about. Generally, home insurance policies provide $100,000 to $500,000 of liability protection (depending on your limit), and auto policies typically range from $25,000 to $500,000 (depending on your limits). But in today's lawsuit frenzied society where million dollar judgments are becoming more of the rule than the exception, this may not be enough protection.

An umbrella policy extends the liability protection that your auto and home insurance policies provide, and helps to cover defense costs, attorney fees and other charges associated with lawsuits.

Umbrella insurance is a very valuable addition to your auto and home insurance, and is much more affordable than you may realize. Learn more about why you should consider an umbrella policy today.

How It Works

Umbrella insurance is excess liability coverage. Depending on the type of accident (auto, home, etc), your auto or home insurance policy limits are used up first, then the excess liability policy covers the remaining cost up to your umbrella policy limit.

Let's say you're having a pool party, and a neighbor dives in the water and breaks his neck. Your homeowner policy would cover the first $100,000, and your umbrella policy would cover the rest up to the amount of coverage you purchased. Keep in mind that even if your neighbor has health insurance, you can still be liable if they're injured on your property. Their health insurance policy may pay the claim first, then sue you for damages.

Did you know that if a judgement against you exceeds your auto or home insurance liability protection, your wages can be garnished, or you could be forced to liquidate personal property? This devastating outcome can be avoided. Make sure you have excess liability protection today.

Additional Details

Umbrella insurance provides

  • Protection for covered claims by others for personal injury or property damage caused by you, members of your family, or hazards on your property in which you're legally liable.
  • An extra $1,000,000 to $10,000,000 of liability coverage to help protect assets such as your home, cars, wages, and investments (even your retirement).
  • Coverage for occurrences on and off your premises.
  • Protection against non-business related personal injury claims like libel, slander, defamation of character, and wrongful eviction.
  • Legal defense costs and associated court fees for a covered loss.
  • Coverage is worldwide. No matter where you go, with the only exception being situations involving foreign ownership of dwellings or cars.

Getting in sync

In order to purchase excess liability coverage, most companies require you to meet specific minimum liability limits on your auto, home and other primary insurance policies.

Call today and let us help you determine how much excess liability protection makes sense for you.

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