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As a renter, your landlord should have coverage for the building you live in, but not for your personal possessions. The same is true for Condo-owners. Your Condo association carries insurance for the physical structure, not the contents inside.

Renter and Condo-owners insurance provides protection for your furniture and personal belongings - at home or away from home - against damage from things like fire, lightning, vandalism, theft, plumbing leakage, and other perils.

Liability protection

Imagine inviting several friends over for a dinner party. After dinner, someone has the great idea that it's time for karaoke. You love Rick Springfield. During the chorus of Jesse's Girl things get a little wild and one of your friends falls off the "stage" (your living room table) and breaks their arm. Are you covered?

A renter or condo-owners policy provides protection against liability claims and lawsuits brought by others for accidental bodily injury or damage to their property for the following scenarios: 1) while they're in your apartment or condo, 2) caused by your personal activities, and 3) caused by your children or pets.

Living among other tenants presents additional legal responsibilities you may have, such as fire damage you may cause to the building. Fire legal liability provides protection if you're held legally responsible for any fire damage to the building in which you live, and not only your home, but any vacant property you rent.

Other coverages

Optional Coverages

Your vintage cello has been with you for years, and seems to be irreplaceable. For certain belongings like musical instruments, additional protection may also be needed.

Contents replacement cost coverage - Pays the replacement value on property damaged by a covered loss with no deduction for depreciation, subject to policy limits and your deductible.

Valuable Items Plus - Provides higher limits for special property such as jewelry, cameras, firearms, musical instruments, and home computers for an extended variety of losses.

Additional living expenses

If you're forced out of your apartment by a covered hazard, additional living expense coverage pays for necessary additional expenses such as hotels, meals, laundry, etc whle your damaged apartment is being repaired.


Everyone likes to customize their home, and redecorating can be expensive. With a renters and condo owners policy, you may apply up to 10% of your contents coverage to repair or replace damaged improvements.

Renters and condo-owner policies are very affordable and great investment.

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