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The right car insurance policy should accommodate you, not the other way around. Discount insurance may work when you're 25, but selecting the right liability limits, deductibles and optional coverages is about more than saving 15%. It's about protecting your family's assets and being prepared for the unexpected.

Money Savings Discounts

Do you ever feel like those advertised savings figures are too good to be true? Well they are! Read the fine print: 'savings based on customers who switched and reported savings' Only customers who actually saved money when they switched are even in the average savings figure!

Ditch the hype. Instead of chasing a savings figure, get the right coverage with discounts for the right reasons. Like discounts for bundling, multi-car, safe driver, accident free, good payer, and others.

We'll work with you to maximize your savings, and your coverage too.

Optional Packages

Customize your coverage even more with Premier packages available exclusively through Travelers.

Premier Responsible Driver Plan

The Premer Responsible Driver Plan forgives one accident and one minor violation every 36 months PLUS your deductible decreases if you remain accident free. For 12 month policies, your deductible decreases $100 per term. Plus, if your car ever does get totaled, your deductible is waived.

Premier Roadside Assistance

This package includes towing service up to 100 miles, complete roadside care for flat tires, jump starts or lockouts, $500 of coverage for your personal possessions damaged or stolen in a covered loss, and up to $600 to cover food, lodging or alternative transportation if your breakdown occurs over 100 miles from home and your car is out of commission for at least 24 hours.

Premier New Car Replacement

Protect your new car for 3, even up to 5 years - 2 years longer than many insurance policies. And this package can pay to replace your totaled car with a new one.

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